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The internet has become the basic source of information, learning materials and entertainment. It has quickly become a very integral part of our lives because of its numerous benefits. But despite these benefits, the internet today is filled with a lot of threats like cyberbullying, phishing, cyberpredators etc. which makes the World Wide Web a really scary place to sometimes be in.

In order to keep using the internet, there are so many things you need to be conversant with and so many order things you need to stay away from.

Here are some common security threats you should look out for:

  1. Phishing

If you’ve been around the internet for a long time now, you would probably know this one. It is a fraudulent activity that involves the distribution of official e-mails impersonating a well-known service provider, with the aim of siphoning personal and vital information from internet users. Most times phishing is done to collect people’s password and credit card information.

  • Spywares

This is one other thing you need to look out for. These spyware can be used to monitor your activities and alter any information they can get access to. One of the most common ways spywares are spread is through pop-ups and downloads. This is why you should never install a third party software or the cracked version of any software too.

  • Viruses

This is a very popular one. You cannot talk about internet threats without mentioning viruses. The virus is simply a computer code that has the ability to replicate itself very fast and can also cause serious harm to your computer system or data. The most common way viruses are spread are through downloads. They are attached to downloadable files and this is the reason why every computer system requires a good anti-virus software.

There are so many threats out there on the internet and in order to keep yourself safe, I high recommend that you carry out some more research about this topic.