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To be honest, the internet has gradually become one of the scariest places to be. Most of our day-to-day activities are carried out on the internet and so many of us now have our businesses online due to the global pandemic.

There are so much you can do with the internet today. You can learn, play, and even have a sustainable income online but unfortunately, everything in life has a downside. For the internet, the major downside is the presence of frauds, viruses, spyware etc.


Here are a few ways you can protect yourself online:

  1. Don’t save your personal information on websites

Do not save your personal information online. Especially on e-commerce sites. No website is safe. Even sites with a valid SSL certificate can still be hacked. Although saving your credit information on websites can actually speed up the process of purchasing in future, it is still highly recommended that you spend that extra one minute to fill in your information each time you want to make a purchase – it’s a lot safer.

  • Create several unique passwords

Using one password for all your login information online is definitely not an innovative idea. This is because most times people don’t realize they’ve been hacked and if a hacker can get access to your password, they can have access to all your information.

  • Don’t click on strange links:

If you were sent a strange looking link, do not be in a hurry to open it up. Many viruses and malware are usually spread through strange links. If you get a strange link from a friend or family member, make sure you call them to verify that they were the ones that actually sent the link. If you can’t reach them immediately, then you can paste the link in any reputable link checker to be sure.

Protecting yourself online can really be a challenge but it doesn’t always have to be that way. If you are still new with the internet, then the best way to treat online activities should be the same way you treat a stranger. Try to learn more about your safety on the internet and one day you will have fewer things to worry about.